The Best of Both Worlds–A New Kind of Hoop Class

Cloud Nine Hooping is excited to announce the creation of a new class: Hoop Dance Fitness Fusion

Get moving with a hoop to get fit and discover the dancer in you! This class combines the best of Hoop Dance and Hoop Fitness: you’ll get a workout, but you’ll feel like you are playing! We’ll explore both on-body and off-body hooping moves, increasing your hooping joy while improving your stamina, all-over muscle tone, balance, and flexibility. Each class will focus on a theme designed to support and challenge hoopers of all ability levels and learning styles–from never-hooped-before all the way to expert.

Two versions of this class will be offered: choose an adult class or join a family class where you can bring along a child!

Check out the new class schedule and prices.

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