First Hoop Spin Jam Spring 2014: For Newbies and Hoopers of all Levels

Join Hoopers in Saratoga on Thursday, May 15, 2014 in Congress Park for: Intro to Hooping for Newbies and for More Experienced Hoopers, Working out Winter’s Kinks

Newbies: Want to learn to hoop? Experienced Hoopers: Have you been missing spinning your hoop and craving the company of other hoopers?  Well, it’s finally here: the first hoop spin jam for spring 2014!

New this year: each jam will have its own focus or theme. Sometimes we will feature a particular move, a progression of moves, or a part of the body, or off body. Other times we’ll have musical or other types of themes. (Feel free to make suggestions!) There will always be space to totally do your own thing and beginners are always welcome. Note that these sessions are adult oriented, but if you want to bring your kids to hoop with you, that is cool, too. (No unsupervised children, please.)

For this first session we will focus on:

• Sharing the joy of hooping and rejoicing in the spring weather

• Teaching beginners to hoop around the waist and enjoy dancing with the hoop

• Helping more advanced hoopers to get back into the groove and experience the flow

What to wear and bring:

• Don’t worry if you don’t have a hoop; I will bring some extras. If you’ve got your own, bring your favorite hoop(s). Additional extra hoops for beginner are always appreciated, as well. Feel free to bring other spin toys (like poi).

• Wear comfy clothes. Yoga type clothes work well– they’re stretchy without being slippery so you can move but the hoop won’t slide right off your body. You can hoop in sneakers or barefoot.

• Bring water. Hooping is thirsty work! If you want to bring food or non-alcoholic beverages to share, those are always appreciated, too.

• Bring friends if you want to introduce them to hooping or are feeling shy. (No need to feel shy, though–new hoopers are always welcome!)

• If you’d like to share your hoop playlist, bring your bluetooth device. Donations will go to a new sound system, so hopefully by summer we’ll have a real rocking sound system!

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