How to Choose a Hoop

The right hoop can make all the difference between drooping hoop frustration and hoop bliss. Consider diameter, weight, and tape choices to get the hoop that is just right for you.

Fitness Hoops

Hoop Diameter

A larger hoop will spin more slowly and requires less effort to keep going around the waist, making our large fitness hoop a perfect choice for a first hoop. In our experience, this size suits most adults–large enough to stay up relatively easily, yet small enough to keep you moving. As you improve in your skills and your cardiovascular fitness, you may want to move to a smaller, lighter hoop for more challenge and faster dance moves.

Our fitness hoops come in two sizes, large (approximately 41″) and small (approximately 38″). We recommend the large hoops for beginner to intermediate hoopers, for both hoop dance and fitness. The small fitness hoops are best for young or smaller framed people, intermediate fitness hoopers and hoop-dancers who want the heft and feel of a fitness hoop with a smaller diameter.

Click here to read more on hoop diameter.

Tubing Diameter and Hoop weight

Heavier hoops (such as our fitness hoops) are easier to keep around the waist than lightweight dance hoops or toy hoops and are a good choice for beginner to intermediate hoopers. Our fitness hoop is made of 3/4 inch 160 psi LLDPE tubing which we think provides a perfect weight and balance between flexibility and rigidity.

Note that our hoops do not include additional weight such as sand or water. Some people equate “weighted hoops” with a better workout, but we have seen evidence that just the opposite is true. While in many kinds of fitness equipment adding weight increases strength and calories burned, this concept does not apply to hoops. Weighted hoops will spin more slowly, requiring less movement and can mean less cardio training. Those extra-heavy hoops can also cause more bruising, discomfort, and even muscle strain, making them less fun and less likely to be spun at all.

Tape and Bling

Grip tape is a miracle for beginning to intermediate hoopers and advanced hoopers learning new tricks. It’s slightly rough and makes the hoop hang onto your body (or grip your hands) rather than sliding down to the ground. We layer the grip tape with decorative tapes for a combination of confident hooping and beautiful effect. Grip tape is available in a candy stripe pattern on any hoop or as an inside grip on twins and minis.

Color tapes. Choose a color combination that expresses your style and makes you excited to get into your hoop. Custom designs available. (Additional fee and time to receive).

Sparkle tape. Don’t we all need a little dazzle in our lives? These glitter tapes catch the light as they spin. There is something magical and mesmerizing about watching the hoop glint as it whirls around you. Great for performance and for backyard jamming. You might find that a hoop sparkling at you from the corner of your living room is just the encouragement you need to get moving!

Right now our Large Sparkle Fitness Hoops are available for pickup in Saratoga Springs–no shipping, no reassembly, and no wobbly coiled hoops! Please email to inquire about colors currently available. We can also custom-make other colors, with or without sparkle tape, in-between sizes and larger or smaller hoops for an additional fee. Custom hoops will take longer.

Sparkle Fitness Hoop



Dance Hoops

As your hooping skills improve and you enjoy more dance moves and faster hooping, you may find you want to move to a smaller and lighter hoop. Our dance hoops are 38″ and made with 7/8 inch light-weight tubing (HDPE) for faster spinning and off-body moves.  (Please note that HDPE tubing is measured differently than LLDPE tubing and our dance hoops are made of a slightly narrower tubing than our fitness hoops.) For intermediate to advanced hoopers, this hoop makes off-body moves a dream. The lighter weight and smaller diameter may, however, be frustrating for beginners or for learning new on-body moves.

Specialty Hoops

Twin Hoops

Twins are super lightweight (HDPE) and small: 32″ diameter, 3/4″ tubing. They are the same size as many toy store hoops, but slightly heavier and much, much sturdier. (I can personally attest to this comparison–I own eight toy hoops, all of which I broke over the course of one week practicing leg hooping.) Twins make zippy on and off-body moves and are a good choice for spinning two (or more) hoops at once. Twins are about as small as you’d want to go for spinning around your body, yet small enough to swirl and weave off your body with ease. We recommend our inside grip style–grip tape along just the inside surface of the hoop, which gives you grip when you need it, and allows the hoop to glide when you want it. Twins are available in singles and pairs.


Minis are designed for off-body fun in pairs. Get a great arm workout! Inside grip recommended.


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