What People are Saying about Cloud Nine Hooping Classes

Class was fun and interesting. I loved learning new things to do with the hoop. Rachel is very encouraging and supportive and the class is great for all skill levels. ~ Mary

The class was fun and welcoming. Everyone was able to learn at their own pace and try out new tricks that suited their ability. Hooping is a fun way to work out and learn a new skill! The hour went by very quickly. ~ Erin

My other classmates have been taking the class for quite a while, so I was a little nervous at first.  But Rachel came right over, picked out the perfect hoop for me, and told me to just relax and have fun…By the end of the class, I was already sore but still couldn’t stop thinking about next week’s class.  It is addictive – it’s new and fun, and it’s a great workout!  (Read the full review)~Mamatoga blog

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