Just in Time for the Holidays! An Array of Sparkle Fitness Hoops Colors in Stock–Order Now!

In addition to the four color combos for Sparkle Fitness hoops listed in the drop down menu at our store (and our bargain-priced mystery colors) we’ve got more colors ready for pick-up:

Combo # Grip Tape Sparkle Qty Left
1 Purple Cobalt Blue Sequin 1
2 Teal Silver Confetti 3
3 Dark Green Emerald Green Sequin 1
4 Purple Silver Confetti 1
5 Purple Emerald Green 1
6 Fluorescent Pink (Glows under UV) Silver Confetti 1
7 Fluorescent Pink (Glows under UV) Purple Glitter 1
8 Fluorescent Green (Glows under UV) Pink Sequin 2
9 Red Cobalt Blue Sequin 2

To request these colors, go to the Sparkle Fitness Hoops shop page and select custom from the drop down menu. Then enter the number of one of the color combinations listed here. Before purchase or when we arrange the pick-up you can verify the color combo is still available via email.

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